adult group lessons

Taught by PGA Professionals, these lessons are designed to take you from beginner to experienced golfer. We want you to have all the resources you need to start your year off on the right foot, and continue learning throughout the summer.  
These aren’t your run of the mill golf lessons. As the only golf course in the Gallatin Valley with a Par 3 executive course, our lessons are unique in that you will learn not only how to swing a club, but you'll also learn how to perform on the golf course. 

Our intro golf classes, dubbed "Golf 101" will cover every aspect of the game needed to get you started in golf. We'll talk about the basics of putting, short game, and full swing; as well as get you familiar with how a golf course operates and how you can best practice what you learn. 

The intermediate golf classes, "Golf 201" will build further on our intro classes and help you gain consistency in all aspects of your game. These classes will also be your introduction to the championship course, as you learn how the game of golf is played. 

Finally, our advanced golf classes, "Golf 301" will take your game to the next level as you learn how to manage a golf course well, and score to the best of your ability. These classes will also introduce you to TrackMan launch monitor software. 
You are welcome to take one of the classes or all three throughout the course of the summer. Whatever your goals are in golf, whether it's to simply learn the game, or take your game to the next level, we'll help you get there. 

Adult Group lessons will start in May, keep an eye out for more information as the golf season approaches. 

private golf instruction 

Garret Nielson, Head Golf Professional

Single Lesson: $60

Junior Lesson: $35 

Tried group lessons, but want some

one on one time to tune your game?

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