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Cottonwood Academy:

For adult golfers who are looking to get serious about their game this Summer and would like to have instruction & coaching opportunities at least once a week. This is people who know the basics already (though we may cover certain elements of the basics if needed). This class will provide tailored instruction to each golfer and will cover a wide variety of topics including: building consistency, how to practice, playing the championship course, special shots, course management, launch monitors, mental game, golf fitness and stretching, and so much more.

Price: $125 per month

  • Class will run May-September

  • One hour group coaching sessions at least 4 times per month. Schedule of available practices will be posted every month.

  • Once a month, we will have a "Play Day" on the championship course.

  • You can attend as many or as few sessions as you would like.

  • In addition to your PGA Coach, we will have a few select guest instructors throughout the season covering a variety of topics.


June Sessions:

Friday, June 7th @ 3PM - Stretching, Putting Consistency, Reading Greens

Friday, June 14th @ 3PM - Stretching, Short Game, Bunker Shots

Tuesday, June 18th @ 2PM - How to Practice Well 

Saturday, June 22nd @ 2PM - Play Day (9 Holes on Championship Course)

Saturday, June 29th @ 3PM - Stretching, Full Swing, Pre-Shot Routines

Private Lessons with
Garret Nielson, PGA

Head Golf Professional

Garret was born and raised in Bozeman, MT, where he grew up playing golf at Cottonwood Hills. When he was a kid, he used to walk to the course and play the par three for hours on end. He has been part of the Cottonwood Hills family for years, and has a deep respect for the traditions and history of the course. He knows that it’s a special place, made that way by the pass-holders, customers, and employees who spend time there. Garret started working at the course in the spring of 2016 as a cart boy. He’s been here ever since, and the spring of 2022 was his first year as Head Golf Professional. 


Garret is passionate about the game of golf and teaching. He is particularly interested in supporting Junior Golf. He grew up playing various junior tournaments, and played high school golf for the Bozeman Hawks. He looks forward to providing the same opportunities that he was afforded, and more. He is also interested in supporting Women’s golf. Cottonwood Hills is known nationwide for it’s women’s golf programs, and Garret looks forward to continuing that tradition by building upon the tremendous success that we’ve had.

Garret completed the PGA Associate's program in July 2022 and is a Class A-1 Member of the PGA.


When he’s not working or golfing, he enjoys hiking, hunting, and spending time with his family and dog Brady. 

To book a lesson email or use the button below to book online!

No times available that fit your schedule? Email to find a time or to book with one of our other teaching professionals.

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To request a large group clinic email

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