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Adult Group Lessons 2024

Taught by PGA Professionals, these lessons are designed to take you from beginner to experienced golfer. We want you to have all the resources you need to start your year off on the right foot, and continue learning throughout the summer.  
These aren’t your run of the mill golf lessons. As the only golf course in the Gallatin Valley with a Par 3 executive course, our lessons are unique in that you will learn not only how to swing a club, but you'll also learn how to perform on the golf course. 

Golf 101 (for beginners):
Our intro golf classes will cover every aspect of the game needed to get you started in golf. We'll talk about the basics of putting, short game, and full swing; as well as get you familiar with how a golf course operates and how you can best practice what you learn. $150, max of 12 students
  • Golf 101 Session 1: May 20-24 (Weeklong) 12-1PM

  • Golf 101 Session 2: June 24-28 (Weeklong) 5:30-6:30PM

Golf 201 (for intermediate golfers):

For adult golfers who have completed Golf 101 or consider themselves intermediate golfers who understand the basics of the game but when to take the next step. In this class we will cover: building consistency, how to practice, playing the championship course, special shots, course management & more. $150, max of 12 students
  • Golf 201 Session 1: July 15-19 (Weeklong) 5:30-6:30PM

Cottonwood Academy (NEW!):
For adult golfers who are looking to get serious about their game this Summer and would like to have instruction & coaching opportunities at least once a week. This is people who know the basics already (though we may cover certain elements of the basics if needed). This class will provide tailored instruction to each golfer and will cover a wide variety of topics including: building consistency, how to practice, playing the championship course, special shots, course management, launch monitors, mental game, golf fitness and stretching, and so much more.
Price: $125 per month
  • Class will run May-September

  • One hour group coaching sessions at least 4 times per month. Schedule of available sessions will be posted every month.

  • Once a month, we will have a "Play Day" on the championship course.

  • You can attend as many or as few sessions as you would like.

  • In addition to your PGA Coach, we will have a few select guest instructors throughout the season covering a variety of topics.

June Sessions:

Friday, June 7th @ 3PM - Stretching, Putting Consistency, Reading Greens

Friday, June 14th @ 3PM - Stretching, Short Game, Bunker Shots

Tuesday, June 18th @ 2PM - How to Practice Well 

Saturday, June 22nd @ 2PM - Play Day (9 Holes on Championship Course)

Saturday, June 29th @ 3PM - Stretching, Full Swing, Pre-Shot Routines

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