Cottonwood Hills

Dreams Do Come True

Est. 1984

As a career Postal employee, Bob Quick’s dreams were immense; to own and build a golf course. Martha, his life’s partner shared and nurtured those dreams with him.  In 1984 he located the perfect acreage on the Alberda Angus Ranch with it’s meandering canals and natural beauty.


After making contact with the matriarch of the ranch, Dorothy Alberda, he presented his plan to her and her three sons, Jon, George and Doug in her kitchen.  He had gotten a promise from all of them that “they could not laugh”, while he presented a business idea to them.  Yet, when he said he would like to lease their land to build a golf course, Dorothy burst out laughing and wondered if he knew any Dutchman that played golf?”


Bob then went to work tirelessly putting his design on quarter inch graph paper.  Bob created the design and engineered the entire construction.  He and his brother, Harley labored putting in all the pipe and electric for the irrigation system. Bob built each green to PGA specifications.  He hired Roe and Son Construction to do the earth moving and to bring the Robert C. Quick design to life in the 27 hole Championship Course that we enjoy today at Cottonwood Hills.

Bill Larson became Cottonwood's Head Pro in 1986, famously via a handshake deal with Bob Quick.  During his 30+ years at Cottonwood Hills, the "Gentleman Golfer" left an indelible mark and a tradition of ethical professionalism that remains a guiding principle of our course. 



8955 River Road, Bozeman, MT 59718


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